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CNC – cost-effective and flexible?

Customers often ask: "Can you supply low-cost CNC-machined parts?"

The answer is clearly yes! This is because thanks to our flexibility, quality standards and high degree of in-house production we are able to beat any competitor when it comes to cost-effective manufacturing.
Using an array of highly modern machines with flexible organisation and consistently applied CAD/CAM technology we are in a position to supply top quality turned and milled parts with astonishing speed ranging from prototypes to series with 20,000 parts.

We process parts in aluminium, steel, stainless steel and titanium and are also able to manufacture extremely complex part geometries.

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Speed and quality 

The two characteristics of speed and quality are sometimes difficult to reconcile – but not with us. We achieve astonishingly short delivery times through our human resources, flexible organisation and ingenious solutions with in-house manufactured fixtures. If required, we can also produce in three shifts. Apart from that, we anodise aluminium parts in-house and have excellent contacts to electroplating companies. As a result, it is not uncommon for us to produce a small series of turned or milled parts in two weeks, starting with the design drawing up to electroplating, anodising or heat treatment, with the highest precision and without having to compromise.


As proof: reference examples from our production
That’s our speed

Frästeil aus hochfestem Aluminium

Milled parts

Milled parts in high-strength aluminium for a robot manufacturer. Delivery time for the first five hard-anodised parts: 8 working days incl. anodising.

Drehteil aus Titan

Turned parts

Turned parts in titanium for a company in the field of aerospace technology. 7 working days from the drawing to the first prototype.

Drehteil aus Edelstahl

Turned parts in stainless steel

Turned parts in stainless steel for a manufacturer in the field of medical engineering. Sample parts delivered within 11 working days.

Dreh -und Frästeile aus Aluminium

Turned/milled parts

Turned/milled parts in aluminium for a manufacturer of LED machine lamps. Delivery time for the first series of 2,000 pieces: 20 working days.

Frästeile aus PE Kunststoff

Milled parts in polyethylene (PE)

Milled parts in PE for a machine manufacturer. Small series of 30 pieces, delivered within 14 working days.

Reference examples from our production
– The whole range –

Alufrästeil hochfest, harteloxiert

High-strength hard anodised aluminium 60 x 80 x 150 mm. Field: robotics

Alufrästeil schwarz eloxiert

Black anodised aluminium 95 x 90 x 50 mm. Field: mechanical engineering

Alufrästeil für Vorrichtungsbau

Aluminium 35 x 80 x 40 mm. Field: fixture construction

Alufrästeil für Robotik

Aluminium 200 x 160 x 60 mm. Field: robotics

Stahlfrästeil für den Maschinenbau

Steel 100 x 40 x 40 mm. Field: mechanical engineering

Edelstahldrehteil für den Maschinenbau

Stainless steel Ø30 x 90 mm. Field: mechanical engineering

Ecobrass für Taucherausrüstung

ECOBRASS Ø40 x 75 mm. Field: diving equipment

Kupferfrästeil für den Anlagenbau

Copper Ø75 x 30 mm. Fields: plant engineering, electroplating

Frästeileaus Edelstahl

Stainless steel

Grausgussteil für den Maschinenbau

Grey cast iron Ø80 x 80 mm. Field: mechanical engineering

Stahlbauteil für den Maschinenbau

Steel  Ø50 x 150 mm. Field: mechanical engineering

Bauteil aus Titan für die optische Industrie

Titanium Ø50 x 150 mm. Field: optical industry

Bauteil aus gehärtetem Werkzeugstahl für den Maschinenbau

Hardened tool steel Ø90 x 50 mm. Field: mechanical engineering

Frästeil aus Kunststoff POM für den Maschinenbau

Polyoxymethylene plastic (POM) 100 x 320 x 50 mm. Field: mechanical engineering

Alu Frästeil für Leuchten

Anodised aluminium. Field: lighting

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Firmengebäude Olejnik - CNC-Technik mittlerer Größe

We do not produce in the millions

A production series of 20,000 parts is routine for us. The same is true for special solutions, small series and prototypes. We are not geared to high volumes with hundreds of thousands of parts. Our strength is in the manufacture of turned and milled parts which are particularly demanding. In the process, our priority is to fine-tune the production process for the application in question.

Strenge Qualitätsicherung

The quality assurance is managed solely by us. We set the highest standards and inspect each separate production process for compliance.

We are certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001 and 14001.

M-Zert Icon für Zertifikat DIN EN ISO 9001 M-Zert Icon für Zertifikat DIN EN ISO 14001


CNC facts and figures

  • We mill and turn
  • We cut with a water jet
  • We anodise in-house and therefore offer a one-stop shop for the supply of aluminium parts
  • We machine all common materials including stainless steel, aluminium, titanium, plastics, etc.
Maschinenhalle: CNC und Kapazität
CNC Fräs- und Drehmaschinen
Langdrehautomat mit Stangenzuführung

Our CNC machines

Here you can download the following list as a pdf file.


DMG 70 evo 5-axis, simultaneous machining

750 (x), 550 (y), 450 (z) mm

DMG 50 evo 5-axis, simultaneous machining

500 (x), 420 (y), 380 (z) mm

DMG DMU 60P 3 + 2 axis machining

600 (x), 650 (y), 550(z) mm

DMG DMU 60T 3-axis machining centre

630 (x), 560 (y), 560(z) mm

POSmill C1050 3- axis machining centre

1050 (x), 560 (y), 560(z) mm

POSmill C1050 3- axis machining centre

1050 (x), 560 (y), 560(z) mm

Mikron VC 750 3- axis machining centre

762 (x), 510 (y), 560(z) mm


Gildemeister CTX210
Gildemeister CTX 500Alpha 12 power-driven tools y milling axis, bar loader (bar capacity 65 mm)
Gildemeister CTX 500Alpha 12 power-driven tools


2 programming terminals, pictures by PC (Schott systems)
Autodesk Inventor Professional

Wire-cut EDM


Flat grinding

Geibel & Hotz  (work area 600 x 300 mm)

Measurement technology

Keyence XM-1200


WIG (Jäckle)
MAG (Jäckle)
Spot welding (Dalex)


OTEC mass finishing machine
Hydraulic presses
Automated bandsaw
Alzmetall pillar drill machine
Conventional lathe
Folding press
Gate shears

water jet

Wasserstrahlfasen 60°

CNC water jet cutting

Those familiar with modern production technology will already be aware of the advantages of water jet cutting. The most important of these advantages are:

5-Achsen Wasserstrahlanlage

Our water jet cutting machine

Perndorfer WSS cantilever

  • Movement range:  4,000 x 2,000 mm
  • 60° cutting head for taper-free cuts
  • Bevels to prepare for welds: angle up to 60° possible
  • Workpiece weight: up to 1,000 kg/m2
  • 5 quality grades
  • Cutting tolerance: +/- 0.1 mm


Thanks to vector-controlled cutting, the cutting head is able to move in 5 axes. This opens up a host of cost-cutting features:

  • Bevel cuts up to an angle of 60°
  • Drilled holes and cut-outs
  • Bevel parts, welding preparations, counterbores
  • Produce and mark: cutting and engraving in a single operation
Frästeil aus der Wasserstrahlanlage

Move mouse over image to enlarge.

5 quality grades

Depending on the requirements, a number of quality steps are available which can be clearly calculated and differentiated:

1. Fine cut

Highest dimensional accuracy, fine surface

2. Quality cut

High dimensional accuracy, grooves hardly visible

3. Standard cut

Smooth cutting surface, path of the jet is visible

4. Production cut

Visible grooves. Ideal for semi-finished products, welding parts

5. Separation cut

Rough cut to separate material


Übersicht diverser eloxierter Aluteile
Übersicht mit weiteren eloxierten Frästeilen aus Aluminium
Eigene Eloxieranlage

Parts anodised in our own company

This is an unbeatable advantage when it comes CNC parts in aluminium.
There are hardly any producers of CNC-machined parts who are also able to anodise the parts in their own company. This is because this highly specialised surface treatment technology is difficult to master. But not for Olejnik. Our roots are in the area of technical equipment used for surface finishing. For many years we have maintained close professional contact to electroplating and anodising companies. The next logical step was to have our own anodising plant. This addition quickly paid for itself. Our customers benefit from numerous advantages:
The complete process is under our control and therefore we are able to agree to binding delivery dates.

Our processes:

Standard anodising (5 – 25 microns)
Hard-anodising (up to 100 microns)
Decorative and technical anodising
A wide range of colourings is available


Olejnik CNC-Technik is a unit of

Iwan Olejnik Titan & Technik GmbH

Mittlerer Hardweg 15
75181 Pforzheim

Tel.: +49(0) 7231-778666-10
Fax.: +49(0) 7231-778666-44